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For Providers

Ready to bring Fascial Flow Method™ to your community? 

There are two ways professionals can support others in Fascial Flow Method™: 

Fascial Flow Method™ Facilitators teach clients how to use this powerful personal training and self-therapy method at home. As an FFM Facilitator, you can guide clients through this work one-on-one or in a group setting. This level of support is entirely hands-off (you could think of it like some combination of yoga teacher + holistic health counselor). This training includes all corrections, modifications, and how to deliver this work either stand-alone or in combination with other services. 

Next FFM Facilitator training: February 2019

If you are an established provider with a license to touch (chiropractor, massage therapist, osteopath, physical therapist, naturopath, nurse practitioner, acupuncturist, etc), you can train to be a Fascial Flow Method™ Bodyworker. This training gives you hands-on tools to perform hands-on assisted movements for FFM Core Sequence and specialty Flow Sequences as well as enriched FFM Fascial Release and considerations for reducing tension in the Dural-Fascial Kinetic Chain. This training also includes customizing care plans, allied provider co-management guidelines, and outcomes-focused case management.

Next FFM Bodyworker training: TBD 2019

If you are interested in becoming a Fascial Flow Method™ Facilitator and/or Bodyworker, click HERE to schedule a strategy call with Dr. Satya. 

*all trainees are hand-selected through this interview process; no online registration is available at this time.

What can becoming a Fascial Flow Method Professional Do For You?

Imagine having the tools to help create true healing that lasts - and to teach others to do the same through self-treatment. When you train as a Fascial Flow Method™ Facilitator and/or Bodyworker, you join a community of dedicated professionals who are all about leveling up and doing more (without slowing down). And because FFM is all about sustainability, you get to help people from a place of empowerment rather than constant reliance on outside-in help. 

A Complementary Addition

If you have an existing healing practice, you can enrich your work as a Fascial Flow Method™ Facilitator (hands-off) and/or Bodyworker (hands-on). This work has been integrated into chiropractic, massage therapy, structural integration, acupuncture, psychotherapy, occupational therapy, and so much more. This work will level up your results by teaching clients tools that make them more receptive to your work as well as how to integrate after sessions so healing change lasts longer. This work also adds unique value to your other services, and can be packaged together to set you apart from similar providers. And when clients use these simple techniques, your work becomes easier (energetically + physically) so you can accomplish more without feeling drained. 

Expand Your Business Model

Becoming a Fascial Flow Method™ Facilitator can be a perfect starting point to offering healing support even if you're not a professional provider (think yoga, holistic health counseling, or any number of other supportive modalities). Fascial Flow Method™ can be shared one-on-one or taught in group classes, and delivers powerful self-therapeutic skills...which means you don't just gain a clinical skill, but a revenue stream. Group classes can leverage your time for greater impact (and income), giving you freedom to stop trading time for dollars, to deliver healing work in your community, and to design your life in the way you envision. This can be your entire business OR in conjunction with any healing-based business. 


Be a Community Leader

In addition to self-therapy tools, Fascial Flow Method™ includes education and guidance on professional support that enriches an individual's healing experience. This means clients gain a deeper understanding of what work is most supportive, how to show up as a patient to those providers for the best results, and exactly when and how to refer to the best providers. So if you're also offering one-on-one supportive care, teaching Fascial Flow Method™ group classes can become an entry point for higher-quality referrals coming into your practice. And because this work is deeply grounded in trauma-informed care, you can become known in your community as a premier healer uniquely focused on growing stability from the inside-out in a way that gives agency to clients in a way they truly crave.

Ready to experience greater freedom for your life + stand out as a premier healer?